About Us

About KEDC

KEDC provides support and adds value to our member districts through a united spirit of cooperation and innovation. With 67 member districts statewide and over 50 years of service KEDC is Kentucky’s oldest and largest educational cooperative. KEDC exists to provide educational support services for its members. Types of services provided: technology wiring, full collective bidding services, special education support, professional development opportunities for all school employees, adult education services, leadership development, and more.

“KEDC - Your Trusted Partner In Education”

History of KEDC

In 1965 representatives of 17 public school districts and Morehead State University (MSU) met to discuss the possibility of applying for grant funds under new landmark federal legislation to create something called a "supplementary education program." Mason County Supt. Hubert Hume chaired the meeting which resulted in a temporary agreement to work together and to form a steering committee to finish the grant application. Paintsville Supt. Oran Teater was elected committee chairman and MSU, at the suggestion of Dr. Morris Norfleet, agreed to be the temporary headquarters of the fledgling organization.

Less than a month later, this pioneering venture had progressed to the point that an organizational meeting was held for what had become the Eastern Kentucky Educational Development Corporation (EKEDC). Initially, the corporation encompassed 18 counties, grouped into eight sections, each with a member on the corporation's Board of Directors, along with an MSU representative.

The original directors included Paintsville Supt. Oran Teater, Ashland Supt. William Shattles, Carter County Supt. Earnest Robison, Lawrence County Supt. William Cheek, Supt. Hume, Bath County Supt. Glenmore Hogge, Floyd County Supt. Wayne Ratliff, Morgan County Supt. Walton Jones and Reedus Back, director of MSU's Breckinridge School. Mr. Teater was holding meetings with federal officials in Washington in support of the grant application under Title III of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965. The Paintsville Independent Board of Education agreed to serve as fiscal agent for the organization and the federal grant became a reality a few months later. From that point in time, public education in Kentucky would never be the same again.


Vision Statements

All KEDC team members will focus on the improvement of the school community, providing high quality services to our member districts.
The KEDC Team will foster a culture of “Customer Service”; the call to serve will be promoted and expected. All resources will be committed to fulfill the mission of preparing students to be college and career ready.
The KEDC team will focus on the Unbridled Learning of all Next Generation Learners in our school districts, ensuring instruction and assessment designed to prepare all students for global competitiveness is the priority.  We will keep on the cutting edge of all instructional practices and technology resources.
The KEDC Team will provide a professional environment and hospitality to all.  This service will provide an opportunity for our member districts to use the facilities for professional learning among educators and staff.  We will provide a clean, safe and respectable environment to promote a learning atmosphere.