Peer to Peer Observation and Feedback

Peer to Peer Observation and Feedback

KEDC Ashland
July 25, 2017 - 8:30am to 3:30pm

Peer to Peer Observation and Feedback

Christine Meisberger and Zack Marinelli from the Kentucky Department of Education are offering in-person sessions this summer on peer to peer interactions that lead to growth through the use of formative observation and feedback techniques.  

Content: This opportunity builds effective peer to peer interaction through collegial conversations grounded in frameworks that define effectiveness such as:

·        Kentucky Framework for Teaching

·        Specialist Framework

·        Five Core Propositions, National Board for Teaching Standards


Participants activate a growth mindset and engage in activities that set the foundation for productive, safe, formative conversations about instructional practices. Participants leave with knowledge and resources that facilitate the exchange of actionable feedback with a peer - helping educators continue their growth and hone accomplished teaching practices.

Who should attend?

·        Educators ( teams or individuals) pursuing National Board Certification

·        Educators interested in strengthening peer-to-peer professional learning processes

·        Coaches/teacher leaders who facilitate peer to peer learning in schools

·        Educators pursuing initial or renewal certification as peer observers if required by the district Certified Evaluation Plan

PD and EILA credit: It is recommended that districts offer educators three hours of professional development credit for completing the in-person training. Administrators who attend an in-person session will receive three hours of EILA credit.

Certificate: A certificate is presented to all educators completing the in-person training. For those districts that require certified peer observers, the certificate counts for either the initial or renewal certification. 

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