PIMSER-Science Administrator Leadership Academy - KEDC

PIMSER-Science Administrator Leadership Academy - KEDC

November 26, 2019 - 9:00am to 4:00pm

*This is DAY Three in a THREE -DAY SERIES

Supporting science teaching and learning in schools and districts
Three-day Training Series: Sep. 3, Oct. 29, Nov. 26


Administrators will build capacity to support and encourage science teaching as envisioned by the NGSS in your building and district

Leave this Academy with:
  • A better understanding of the practices
  • An approach for supervision specific to science
  • Resources and rubrics to evaluate instruction and encourage growth in your science teaching staff
PIMSER is pleased to bring you a series of three sessions focused on science for principals, curriculum supervisors, special education coordinators, instructional supervisors, instructional coaches, and superintendents.  The sessions will work to develop your capacity to lead, support and encourage science teaching as envisioned and required by the Kentucky Academic Standards for Science in your building and district. This training has been vetted through a National Science Foundation supported grant.  Kentucky leaders now get to benefit from this work and the resources that were developed.

Goals of the Academy:
  • Help you understand that the science looks different than previous standards – not just the memorization of content but the actual doing of science
  • Increase your familiarity with the science practices as a way to think about what is and is not occurring in your school(s)
  • Support your ability to notice the science practices when watching science instruction – start to move beyond just general feedback to include science specific language that can support improved classroom teaching practice and student learning
  • Practice providing your teachers with feedback around the science practices
  • Provide you with resources to work with your teachers moving towards the new standards – introduce instructional strategies and revise a current science lesson
  • Plan a process to support your teachers in moving towards effective implementation of the science practices
Administrators may bring a lead teacher with them to the final meeting.  They will receive resources and ideas to up their expertise when implementing KAS for Science in their classroom, as well as ways to support the administrator as they design a plan for sharing with other teachers. 18 hours of EILA credit available

Includes all training materials and three meeting days
Check with your finance office about utilizing ESSA funding to support your attendance

Patti Works, PIMSER Regional Teacher Partner
Former elementary science teacher and lab teacher with 31 years of experience; KSTA Elementary Science Teacher of the Year, Presidential Award for Mathematics and Science Teaching receipient for Kentucky, leader in Fayette County Schools district-level FOCUS Grant (Facilitating Operational Communities for Understanding in Science); co-leader of the Fayette County Science Leadership Network; member of the NGSS Lead States Development Team; team leader for Fayette County’s Design and Development Team

Kim Zeidler-Watters, PIMSER Director
20+ years experience supporting K-12 education and improvement; designs and provides high-quality, systemic, research-based professional learning and leadership experiences for teachers and leaders in math and science; president of Learning Forward Kentucky Affiliate; adjunct faculty at EKU and UK; former science teacher; former director of ARSI