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Our highly-skilled consultants specialize in delivering customized professional developments that meet the needs of a school or district’s individual technology literacy. KEDC provides expert training that couples research-based instructional strategies with extensive knowledge of National technology and academic standards. Our trainings immerse educators in available technologies through guided hands-on practice to effectively increase student engagement and improve learning outcomes.

At KEDC, our commitment remains to partner with teachers and administrators to make the most of your technology investments. A consistent and persistent technology PD program will build capacity within your district and improve the quality of learning in the classroom. Every session will empower teachers to go beyond their current technology literacy level, and participants will leave with ideas for immediate implementation.

  • Evaluation of the level of current school technology use along with review of methods currently being utilized
  • Current hardware, software, and network assessment
  • Suggestive improvement approach to increase technology use in the classroom and improve student engagement
  • Short-term and long-term planning assistance to maximize the school technology in consideration with current and projected budget
  • Planning for instructional technology purchases for new building and renovation projects
  • Disseminating information regarding technology resources, emerging technologies, best practices in using the technology,
    and areas of focus in planning of professional development and training
  • Addressing of school board, administration, and site-based counsels in providing information on state and national practices
    on technology integration as well as feedback on technology use inquiries

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Tiffaney Lavoie

Phone: 859-552-5399
Twitter: @KEDCTechConsult