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KEDC provides basic school facility services to member customers for no charge.

Basic services include a virtual (by phone or e-mail) Help Desk for
all facilities matters including but not limited to the following:

  • Assistance with long range capital planning including assistance with 702 KAR 4:180 the Kentucky School Facilities Planning Manual.
  • Assistance with school capital construction processes per 702 KAR 4:160.
  • Assistance with site acquisition per 702 KAR 4:050.
  • Assistance with legal resources and requirements regarding school facilities.
  • Assistance with facilities best practices and resources.
  • Assistance with Energy conservation, management and programs.
  • Assistance with KEDC Price contract delivery methods for fixed facility equipment including sprayed urethane roof systems, educational technology, lighting retrofits, wood floors, architectural school casework, and modified bitumen roof systems.
  • Assistance with Capital Construction Finance including use of restricted funds; Capital outlay (KRS 157.420), FSPK Building Fund (KRS 157.440), SFCC funds (KRS 157.611).
  • Assistance with school planning per 702 KAR 4:170 Architectural criteria for schools.
  • Assistance with property disposal, leases and easements per 702 KAR 4:090.
  • Assistance with facilities procurement per KRS 45A and KRS 162.070.
  • Assistance with school safety matters.

The Kentucky School Facility Newsletter

The Kentucky School Facility Newsletter is provided quarterly to help keep school
leaders abreast of current facility issues, services, and resources.

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