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Facilities Price Contract Services:

• What is a price contract?
A price contract is an alternative procurement method of delivery that utilizes cooperative purchasing techniques for scale and quality. Unit prices for various products are bid competitively by KEDC and awards provided to preferred vendors for one calendar year per KRS 45A based on best value (price and quality). All Price Contracts are in accordance with applicable regulations, including insurance and performance bonds and have approval from the Kentucky Department of Education.

• Why use a price contract delivery?
KEDC price contracts have specified products and performance, and obtained standing bids and regulatory approvals so districts can save time in implementing construction contracts. Preferred vendors have been screened for performance, reducing risks of securing unqualified contractors. Standard architectural services may be reduced because products have been specified and bid in advance.

• How do I begin a Price Contract delivery?
Contact KEDC care of Mr. Sam Atkins or Mr. Mark Ryles. They will connect you with the preferred vendor and provide support for your project. Vendors will utilize Price Contract bid unit prices to prepare a proposal for your district’s project. If you wish to proceed, architectural services shall be procured (as usual) and a BG-1 indicating use of the KEDC price contract (for construction costs) and proposed architectural and construction contracts shall be drafted and forwarded to KDE for approval as usual. Shop drawings shall be completed by the vendors to cover specific project requirements as usual. Projects are managed from this point forward as conventional school projects.

• What Price Contracts are available for district use?
Currently KEDC has secured preferred vendors for the following:

  • Interactive Classroom Technology
    • CIM Technologies, Columbus, IN
    • Lite The Nite Technologies, Flatwoods, KY
    • Logicalis, Inc., Lexington, KY
    • PCS Inc., Louisville, TN
  • Sprayed Urethane Roofing
    • Insulating Roofing Contractors, New Albany, IN
  • Modified Bitumen Roof Systems (Siplast Vendors)
    • ABR Roofing Lexington, KY
    • Bri-Den Roofing, Ashland, Lexington, & Louisville KY
    • Preferred Roofing, Henderson, KY
    • RSS Roofing, New Albany, IN
    • Swift Roofing, Murray & Elizabethtown, KY
    • William Kramer and Sons, Cleves, OH
  • Architectural Casework (AWI certified vendor)
    • Leininger Cabinet and Woodworking, Lexington, KY
  • Guaranteed Energy Savings
    • Ameresco, Louisville, KY
    • Performance Services, Lexington, KY

Contact information for the listed vendors can be found at


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