Technology Right Column

FLUKE Diagnostics
The OptiView Series II Integrated Network Analyzer gives KEDC the quick network visibility needed to help you resolve today’s network problems faster & smarter. The price varies on the number on days used.

Interactive Classrooms
KEDC can assist you with all of your classroom audio-visual needs. Whether it is interactive white boards, interactive projects, iPads, hand held tablets, pen pads, projectors, sound amplification, or student response systems, KEDC has the expertise to design, install, and configure a system to meet your specifications. The price averages from $450 to $500 a room based on the level install.

KEDC – E-rate service Provider
As an experienced e-rate provider, KEDC can help you with a full array of internal connection and basic maintenance services.

Video Distribution
To provide video distribution to classrooms that are USF eligible, KEDC can design and install systems that utilize components from a Kentucky based distributor.

LAN & WAN Maintenance
KEDC can help with wire management and identification, and updating of wiring closets.

LAN and WAN Components
The Systems Engineers at KEDC are experienced in the installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of network electronics.

Server/Installation & Maintenance
With Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, Microsoft Certified Professionals, Certified Netware Engineers, and a Master-Certified Netware Engineer on staff, KEDC is capable of handling all of your server needs.