CCR for Alternate Assessment

CCR for Alternate Assessment

KEDC Ashland
July 11, 2017 - 9:00am to 4:00pm

Below is information about the roll out of the CCR for Alternate Assessment from KDE.  A registration form is attached in pdf. 

v  CCR for Students Participating in the Alternate Assessment

Within Kentucky’s Unbridled Learning Accountability Model, the College- and Career-Ready (CCR) measures for students with significant cognitive disabilities have been revised. The CCR measures now align more closely with those for students participating in the general assessment. The assessment instruments were expanded beyond the Transition Attainment Record (TAR) and Career-Ready accountability was strengthened.

·    The TAR has been retained as the measure for College Ready.

·    A new assessment, the Employability Skills Attainment Record, will assess Career Ready: Academic.

·    A Career Work Experience Certification process was developed for Career Ready: Technical.

·    A student participating in the alternate assessment now has the opportunity to be both College and Career Ready.

Students will be awarded Career-Ready status by the Office of Career and Technical Education (OCTE).


Team should include:

  • District Admin
  • HS Admin
  • HS Counselor
  • HS Special Ed Teacher
  • MS Special Ed Teacher
  • DoSE
  • Employment Specialist
  • Other Relevant Member