IEP Fidelity Team

IEP Fidelity Team

KEDC, Ashland
September 10, 2019 - 9:00am to 3:00pm

IEP Development Fidelity Team


  • Create a point of contact within each district to connect with regarding due process issues and updates (Google Classroom, provide updates, info, etc.)

  • Provide additional supports for districts by establishing capacity regarding due process procedures


  • Participants display the following:

    • A value of compliance expectations

    • Ability to utilize resources such as the Guidance Document for IEP Development, Compliance Record Review Document, Kentucky Administrative Regulations, etc.

    • Diligence when handling due process paperwork and procedures

    • Effective communication and rapport with others

    • Flexibility to participate (willing/able to coach other teachers & may be released from primary responsibilities in order to do so)

    • Participation in district record reviews

    • Consult with the DoSE for clarification, when needed

  • Membership is by DoSE selection and is closed to registration