Writing Strategies Learning Series

Writing Strategies Learning Series

KEDC, Ashland
October 18, 2017 - 9:00am to 3:00pm

In this Writing Strategies Learning Series from KEDC, teachers will use the Writing Strategies Book by Jennifer Serravallo to learn hands-on real world strategies for immediate use in the classroom to develop skilled writers. The Writing Strategies Book will be provided free of charge to participants and there is no cost to attend!

Goal 1 ~ Composing with Pictures

Goal 2 ~ Engagement: Independence, Increasing Volume, & Developing a Writing Identity

Goal 3 ~ Generating and Collecting Ideas

Goal 4 ~ Focus/Meaning

 Goal 5 ~ Organization and Structure

 Goal 6 ~ Elaboration 

 Goal 7 ~ Word Choice

 Goal 8 ~ Conventions: Spelling and Letter Formation

 Goal 9 ~ Conventions: Grammar and Punctuation

 Goal 10 ~ Collaborating with Writing Partners and Clubs

Appendix ~ Publishing and Celebrating Writing

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