Staff Resources

Staff Resources

Welcome to the KEDC Staff Resources Page

KEDC staff forms

Exempt Timesheet
KEDC Travel Request Form
KEDC application for employment

Eligibility for employment form


Federal tax form


Kentucky state tax form


Ohio state tax form


West Virginia state tax form


Request for taxpayer identification number

Exempt timesheet - Excel
Non-Exempt Timesheet
Taxable expense report

All non-overnight travel expenses reimbursement form

Non-Taxable expense report

All overnight travel expenses reimbursement form

Holiday Schedule

Listing of KEDC paid holidays

Payroll Schedule

Timesheet due date schedule denoting period covered and pay day for timesheet maintenance

Direct deposit form

Required to direct deposit wages

KEDC bylaws and board policies

Required reading material for all persons employed by KEDC

Higher Education Reimbursement

Tuition reimbursement

FMLA Application

Family medical leave request form

Sick leave donation form

For donation of sick days