On-Line LAUNCH sessions

KEDC is excited to share that we have enrolled over 200 participants in our CEO program and plan on adding to this total in the upcoming year. KEDC has partnered with Bloomboard Inc to develop a cost-effective micro-credential-based learning experience that fosters teacher growth. KEDC will be adding new participants to the program in January and July. Please share this opportunity with your teachers.


KEDC's Foundations of Teaching and Learning Program will require participants to display competencies in the 10 KY Teacher Performance Standards through a collection of evidence such as lessons, assessments, student work, teacher videos, etc. Participants will begin by completing 12 Core Foundational Skill micro-credentials targeting Classroom Management, Assessment Literacy, and Instructional Strategies. Participants will then be able to customize their plan by selecting from a wide variety of personalized micro-credential programs. Participants will complete their program through a three-part micro-credential Capstone Project.

Core Content