Achievement in Career Engagement

(ILP Platform)

Most significant Success with LESS STRESS

ACE is a Career Development Platform that is easy to navigate and beneficial to your students. In addition, the High School platform allows students to create a portfolio showcasing their academic and career successes. It is a walking resume that will continue to follow them after high school graduation.

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Picture of Carla Kersey

Carla Kersey, Project Development Coordinator/Career Counselor Service Provider


Picture of Jennie Sloan

Jennie Sloan, Project Development Coordinator


"As a father, this tool has played a valuable role in showcasing my son's accomplishments and in helping him select a career pathway in welding. I highly recommend it."

Dr. Robbie Fletcher  

   Superintendent Lawrence County Schools

"I can attest that this has worked great in our school district. It is very relevant for the students. Our students see it as useful and meaningful and it helps fulfill the ILP mandates."

Mr. Kenny Bell  

   Superintendent Wolfe County Schools