Panther Pride

Nestled in the beauty of Augusta, Kentucky, you will find the quaint yet stellar school district Augusta Independent School.  

Augusta, known for the famous George Clooney, embraces his school picture in the hallway.  As you tour the school, you will glance at the "most" renowned person from Augusta; however, the true heroes are the Superintendent, Educators, Staff, & Students of Augusta.  The stars that shine the brightest are in the hallways of that school.  

Superintendent Lisa McCane has fostered a culture of genuine fellowship; many in the District have been there for years and do not plan to leave soon.  Principal, Robin Kelsch, has family roots dating back to the beginnings of the District.  He wears his Panther Pride on his face daily as he walks the hallways.    Students of the past come to mentor & tutor the younger.  Augusta- "Always inspiring success."

Last year students of Augusta participated in the Ky Department of Education Educators Wellness Challenge with KEDC.  This challenge was to create a wellness space for educators.  Again, the students of Augusta stepped right up to the challenge.  One stated, "We love our school, teachers, & everyone here."  That love is implacable as the students revamped the old teachers' lounge into an inviting space.  No challenge is too big for this small yet GIANT of heart district.  

"Find the ones who haven't given up.  They're the future."  ~Frank Walker as played by George Clooney.