On the Road with Carla

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - One woman plans on visiting 76 school districts in Kentucky over the next few years. All to promote positivity.

With a little mic in hand, Carla Kersey is making a big difference.

“We have a lot of school districts in our co-op, but we felt like we wanted to make sure that they were being highlighted,” said CEO of Kentucky Education Development Corporation Nancy Hutchinson.

Kentucky’s oldest and largest educational cooperative serves 76 school districts across the state.

“Social media can give out a lot of negatives in regards to our school districts, but if you walk into those school buildings, there’s so much more going on,” said KEDC’s project development coordinator, Carla Kersey.

In an effort to change the narrative, a movement was born.

“Carla took it and ran with it, so, ‘On the Road with Carla,” said Hutchinson.

“It’s positive promotions for our public schools,” said Kersey. “It’s fun, it’s engaging, and it’s all about our school districts.”

Kersey is passionate about education. She’s now traveling all over the state, interviewing students, teachers, and coaches for KEDC. She learns various skills and what makes each district special.

“In Menifee county, the kids were talking about it being family-oriented,” said Hutchinson.

“One of the statements that was made was they were happy at school,” said Superintendent of Menifee County Schools Tim Spencer. “That’s a very rewarding thing as a superintendent to hear.”

“In Rowan County, we had students that were teaching Carla cheers,” said Hutchinson. “She’s played in the band.”

“The students love to teach what they are doing in their school systems,” said Kersey.

Learning from our youth with hopes that their stories create change.

“Our students are our number one brand ambassadors,” said Kersey. “They will tell the story.”

“We just want to have a very positive image and promote public education because our kids deserve it, our teachers deserve it, our parents deserve it,” said Spencer.

“It’s a powerful message that our public schools, they’re on point, and our students need our public schools, and we need them,” said Kersey.

Carla has completed seven episodes so far.

You can find them on YouTube, the KEDC website, Apple podcast, and more.

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